Operation? Ya! Operation. Errr ?

Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullah

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Silent in long terms right? Huhu. Sorry bout that. Just a little bit busy with my life. Ok. Talk about this post. Title. Why operate? Who? Ya. Semua orang tau operate ni bedah. Kahkahkah! Ok3. 

29 April 2013 -  This date was my scary moment. This date remind me that something that I can't never forget. The day that I have to operate my teeth. Err. Actually not my teeth. But my gum. Ya. I thought it was not so serious. But when my family and I go to specialist dental and check it. Wooo! Speechless! 

The doctor said before they start the operation, they afraid that the risk will happen. But, after the operation. Alhamdulillah. It was nothing happen. Err. Can't stop think about it. So scary! Haha. All that happens is certainly no wisdom. Allah has destined everything. I'm thankful for Allah simplify operation for the day.

Ok. When the surgery time was running on that day, I always read Kursi and Al-Fatihah. Pray so everything can be done as well. And alhamdulillah. Allah had saved me :')

I can't imagined what will happen to me if I failed in the operation on that day. Allah still loves me :') On the same time, Boyot also worried about me. Many times he called me. But I can't answer. He text me told that he was so worried bout me. As he knew that there is something happen on me on that day. 

After the operate, he always wanted to be on my side even we're apart. He called me every minutes. Even he called me until midnight so he fell asleep. Pity him. Err, I felt so guilt to him. I often troubled him. 

Hmm. That's all for this time. Just want to share about my history day to you all. Ngeh3. InshaAllah, next time I'll update my blog again. 

# Dear Boyot, I am so sorry for troubled you everyday. But, it's ok. That's makes me feel very loves you. Thanks to Allah for giving you in my life. <3



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