SPM !!!

Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullah

Holla everyone. So sorry readers because nowadays I'm rarely update my blog. Busy? Nope. Lazy. Hoho. Feel so stress now. But it is common to students. Right? Stress because of study, training, curriculum activities and many more that held at school. Ok wait. I know you all wonder why now I update my blog using in different language. Isn't? Hehe. I just want to practise my English to be better. InshaAllah

So, SPM is around the corner. Now, I'm trying to focus with my study. I take 10 subjects in SPM. Bahasa Melayu, English, Pend. Islam, Sejarah, ICT, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Add Math and Math. Yeap. I am science student but my behavior is still childish. Haha. 

My target for my SPM is 7A's InshaAllah. I know I can. If there is some student pass their SPM and get straight A's why not me? They are also a normal people like me. The have one brain. Same goes like me. But why they can got straight A's? Of course they study and struggle to be excelent in exams.

So, for all batch 96 this year, 2013. Wish you all goodluck and all the best in your exams. Don't forget Allah. Do you 5 times pray. Never leave it. Remember, take care our relationship with Allah also to others. :)



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